Cobute's franchisee in Namibia, TeSik Decking , suppied and installed Cobute's decking system for a private residential unit in Swakopmund.

Cobute precast decking installation

Cobute precast decking installation

The client requested a light system, which would ease the installation of services. The Cobute system fit the requirements to perfection, with an added installation that offered the client great time savings. 

The Cobute slab system consists of 3 interlocking elements (precast ribs, precast panels and polystyrene blocks) with a deadweight of 97 kg per square metre. The slab design comes in 9 different thicknesses, from 150 to 350 mm,  in increments by 25 mm. 

TeSik also supplied perimeter edge ribs to ease on-site casting, avoiding the need for shutter board. 

Cobute Precast+Edge rib

TeSik's manufacturing facility is based in Swakopmund and delivers nationwide. This vibrant startup is really shaking the building scene in Namibia, offering a monolithic system with ease of installation. In fact, the systems are easy and light to manoeuvre without the need of lifting machinery, and offer a great opportunity for upskilling and job creation, due to the ease of for its manufacturing and installation processes. Contact us to find more information and Cobute's decking system or to request TeSik's assistance for a project in Namibia.