Cobute Panel-deck consists of lattice frame, lightweight reinforced concrete panels and polystyrene blocks.

Cobute has patented an innovative system, Panel-deck, designed by Engineer Sandro Antonucci, to ensure fast and high-quality installation of the decking while retaining the full benefits of a monolithic structure.

As in the case of the traditional Cobute decking, Panel-deck consists of three elements: lightweight reinforced concrete panels, longitudinal stiffening lattice frames and polystyrene blocks.






Panel-deck details


The flat concrete panels are 1m wide, with a thickness ranging  from 50 to 70 mm and can be manufactured in any length up to  a maximum of 12m. The longitudinal slab reinforcement, which  consists of lattice frames, welded mesh, and the polystyrene  void formers, are custom designed by a Consulting Engineer for  each project.



Why Polystyrene?

The use of polystyrene has many structural and insulating benefits

The use of polystyrene void formers brings a wide range of benefits among which large variation in slab thicknesses, without any undue increase in the in situ concrete thickness. It also contributes to the light weight of the slab (97 kg/ m² dead load) and the easy distribution of services. Thermal insulation is guaranteed; a 250 mm thick slab reports an excellent R value of 0.4889, which helps reduce the energy consumption of the structure.

The manufacturing process allows for the tailoring of the panels to specific requests such as the casting in of downlighter boxes or the creation of penetrations in the panels.


Panel-deck installation requires the use of a crane


Installation and Propping

The Panel-deck is cast at the factory and delivered to site , making the installation a fast process. The panels are lifted into place with the use of a crane and the in situ concrete is poured after the additional steel (specified by the Engineer) and mesh have been positioned. Propping is required at 1.2m centres and can be removed 14 days after casting of the in situ concrete or as specified by the Engineer.



As in the case of the traditional slab system, precast Panel-deck by Cobute is Fire resistant. A 230 mm thick slab has a fire resistance of 150 minutes. This great addition to the Cobute precast family has a smooth off-steel shutter finish, with chamfered edges along its length.

Panel-deck caters for a wide range of load requirements, as
the position (centre-to-centre) of lattices can be adjusted
to suit design specifications. Applications go from roofs to
walls, suspended floors and permanent shutters for roads
and bridges. The system can also be used as a permanent
for two-way spanning concrete slabs.




  • Long-lasting, MONOLITHIC structure
  • LIGHTWEIGHT (97 kg/ m² dead load)
  • It guarantees THERMAL RESISTANCE ( 'R Value')
  • FAST INSTALLATION with considerable time savings
  • Only MINIMAL SHUTTERING is required.
  • FLEXIBLE length to suit different specifications
  • LARGE RANGE of slab thicknesses and possible loadings
  • It reduces the amount of RESOURCES NEEDED (concrete, steel, timber) with even greater structural results
  • CUSTOM DESIGNED to Engineer’s specification
  • EASY distribution of service and cost effective                                                                                         


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