Frequently Asked Questions


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Are the Cobute systems standard off-the-shelf products?

No, every element is custom-designed and made to meet the client’s specifications i.e. span, loads and dimensions. This is why measurements are very important.

How long does it take to manufacture your products?

Our turnaround time is 2 to 3 weeks from order to final delivery. Once the systems are delivered to site, they are ready to be installed.

What is the weight of the decking?

A fully installed slab weighs roughly 97 kg/m², before the concrete pour. The use of polystyrene makes the Cobute decking lighter than others in the market, as well as increase the R value of the slab.

Can you run plumbing and electrical services through the slab?

Yes, you can run the plumbing and electrical services either below or on top of the polystyrene, as long as it is below the top steel, before casting.

Does the Cobute decking have a fire rating certificate?

Yes it does. A 230 mm thick Cobute slab is fire resistant for 150 minutes.

Does the Cobute decking system comply with seismic design as outlines in the latest SABS regulation on the matter?

Yes, it is. The system also eases the process of connecting horizontal and vertical structures such as decking, columns and beams by means of additional steel as specified by the Engineer.


What do I need to obtain a quote?

To develop a free preliminary quote, we request architect’s drawings and sections; if these are not available, a rider plan or sketch with dimensions for the ground and first floor.

Why are your systems eco-friendly?

Being lighter, the systems are less invasive on resources. In fact, the systems reduce waste, with minimal timber required during installation. It is also labour intensive, ensuring the employability of unskilled labour.

How long must the deck be propped?

The system must be propped for a minimum of 14 days after pouring, so that the concrete can reach the strength for which it was designed.

What strength (Mpa) concrete is required when pouring the concrete?

Generally, 25Mpa concrete is required unless the engineer specifies otherwise.

Is installation included in your quote?

The installation of the elements can be easily done by your building team - we provide installation layouts and support if needed. However, should you wish to get an installation team on site, we can source a quote from subcontractors who have used our systems for almost 20 years.

What is the structural advantage of using the Cobute decking in combination with the beam and staircase?

The systems work together by creating a solid, monolithic structure, which responds to the forces exerted by the ground. Moreover, by using the Cobute system, you can cast the structure in just one pour, with dramatic savings in concrete.