The products were originally designed to support Reinforced Concrete monolithic structures that favour interaction between the elements so as to ensure long-term stability, more so when the system is subjected to lateral loads such as those of a seismic nature. Cobute's structural design procedure follows a holistic approach that consists of two main aspects:

1)  for the design of individual horizontal elements (suspended slabs and beams) Cobute conducts design for the ultimate limit state (bending and shear reinforcement) and serviceability limit state (limiting deflections).
2) as part of their design-and-supply contract, Cobute can offer total security in the design of the entire structural frame with respect to applied loads that affect the stability of the structure as a whole e.g. wind loads and seismic loads.

Both of the above can be carried out internally by Cobute's in-house Structural Engineer, hence offering a complete solution, or, depending on the client's preference, externally by the Structural Engineer appointed for the job through co-operation with Cobute's technical staff.


Cobute is the leading manufacturer of  permanent, reinforced, precast concrete shutters, enabling each individual project to be custom designed according to its specifications and criteria. Together with its rib and block system/ Precast Slab, Cobute has the most complete precast offering on the market with its BeamsStaircases, Edge Ribs and Panel-Deck.

The Cobute range consistently ensures high quality standards on site, from a finishing viewpoint and in line with the technical specs required by Engineers. The system

  • requires minimal use of timber shutters
  • polystyrene reduces the amount of concrete and CO2 emissions connected to it
  •  easy piping distribution and thermal insulation.

User-friendly layouts come with all of the structures, to enable the installation team to carry out their task effectively. The manufacturing process is done locally with special moulds and vibrating tables, designed and manufactured by Cobute with the assistance of local artisans.


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The rib and block deck went in fantastically well and the contractors on site were very pleased at what a great practical system it is. It has been a very happy experience and my thanks for your proactive role.
— Customer