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In 2009, Cobute's Director Attilio Angelucci was appointed General Manager of the newly established Geoplast South Africa, Geoplast S.p.A's agency responsible for the SADC countries. 

Geoplast S.p.A is the leading industrial group specialised in the design, manufacture and distribution of permanent and reusable, modular formwork in recycled polypropylene for the built environment, with applications that range from permanent formwork for Foundations, Slabs, Green (roof/vertical garden, grass grids), Water Management (storage, attenuation and dispersion solutions), Sport Flooring, and Reusable Formwork for the creation of round and square columns, walls and shutter to foundations. This line of formwork can be re-used at least 100 times, when properly looked after.


The permanent formwork for ventilated foundations, Modulo, and the reusable formwork for walls, Geopanel, are Agrèment certified as innovative building technologies. Founded in Italy in 1974,Geoplast is present in more than 60 countries worldwide; the South African branch is active in other  Southern African countries with an office in Namibia and projects carried out in Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Botswana, responding to a growing need for innovative, sustainable solutions for the built environment.

The Geoplast technologies are

  • environmentally-friendly (manufactured from recycled polypropylene)

  • offer great structural advantages

  • ensure dramatic savings of concrete and steel

  • guarantee an efficient use of natural resources

  • favour easy and intuitive installation on site, with transfer of skills.

These aspects responded to Cobute's wish to increase its offer range to cater for innovative solutions that require easy implementation while increasing the quality of the structures built, from affordable housing to commercial developments. 

Since 2009, the Geoplast SA team has worked with some of the finest Engineer, Architect, Quantity Surveyor studios and Property Developers. Get in touch to receive technical details on these groundbreaking solutions, visit the showroom, arrange a presentation at your studios or start collaborating!

Link House by Strey Architects inPretoria is built on Modulo Foundations - Read more    here

Link House by Strey Architects inPretoria is built on Modulo Foundations - Read more here


Compared to traditional formwork, Geoplast selected special materials for its solutions for the following reasons:

  • resistant and tough, excellent shock absorbance

  • mechanically stable under loads

  • temperature tolerant

  • fully recyclable

  • light, allowing high-speed installation (no crane required)

  • low maintenance and transport costs (elements are stackable)

  • no job site waste