6 tips on comparing building quotes

Getting started on your building project is not for the faint- hearted! We have compiled our 6 best tips for comparing quotes and suppliers. Our knowledge is however limited to the precast industry, so please feel free to do some more research and leave extra tips in the comment section.

House Petersen | Somerset West

A three-storey concrete structure with pristine forest views and the Cobute Precast concrete slab and stairs for improved performance. As part of the scope of the project the team devised a technical solution so that upstand beams wouldn’t be used. The final outcome is a great structure and a happy customer.

Clara Anna Fontein | Insulated Foundations

Geoplast Modulo and Cobute precast beams provided Oasis Life in Clara Anna Fontein by Rabie Property Group with an innovative and integrated solution for the foundations of the luxury units. The beam and foundation systems don’t only build an improved foundation that is thermally insulated, but also allow to achieve incredible time savings on site.

Century City | Precast Jetty

The Cobute precast concrete elements for beams and decking were used for the creation of a jetty in Century City, Cape Town. The scope of the project was to create access to the canal to allow a harvesting machine to operate. In typical Cobute style, special attention was given to the design and production process to factor in the element of water, without undermining the structural integrity.