Geoplast Modulo and Cobute precast beams provided Oasis Life in Clara Anna Fontein with an innovative and integrated solution the foundations of the luxury units for this development. The systems don’t only allow to achieve incredible time savings on site, but they also create an improved foundation that is also thermally insulated.

Geoplast and Cobute’s building philosophy marries Rabie’s ethics to creating high-quality structures who elevate the lifestyle of people who will inhabit them.


Cobute worked with Big Ben Construction for the construction of a private residence at luxury estate Clara Anna Fontein. The Architect’s drawings specified a number of cantilever slabs at different height. To achieve that, Cobute supplied its integrated solutions for beams and slabs, rested over hot, deep - galvanized steel posts.


These residential alterations, designed by Pr.Eng Alan Hendrie, included an extension to the first floor and a cantilever balcony, using the Cobute precast shutters for slab, beams and edge ribs. In the specific, the edge ribs are nifty shutters, which assist in a fast installation process that does not require timber shutters.

Stonerhurst | House Friedman

Cobute worked with Project Construction company RDA on a new residential unit in Stonerhurst, Cape Town. RDA did not only want to achieve a high quality structure for its client, but also avoid delays on site so as to save time. The Cobute precast shutters for decking, beam and stairs offer monolithic connection that help save resources such as concrete and steel; the elements are light and easy to maneouvre on site, without the need of lifting equipment. The use of shuttering is minimal, reducing the site overheads.