Piazza Grande is a residential project in Naples, at the foot the foot of the eastern slope of the Capodimonte hill, designed by Architects Aldo Loris Rossi, Donatella Mazzoleni, Annalisa Pignalosa and Luigi Rivieccio between 1979-1989. 

This project reflects the influential roles played by both the principles of organic architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright and the Rationalism Movement in Italy, while being inspired by two British masterpieces; the Circus and Royal Crescent, both in Bath, UK.  Piazza Grande was awarded the In/Arch award by the National Institute of Architecture in 1989. 

Piazza Grande

Developing in a circular orientation, the central square is surrounded by a low, round structure, which separates and unifies Piazza Grande with the cityscape. Around this structure lie 12 silos-towers, which house the vertical infrastcuctures such as staircase and elevetors. Six of these silos- towers, 36 m. high, are for residential use.


Piazza Grande is connected and becomes alive through its dense system of roads, staircases, with separate levels for pedestrians and car traffic.

The residential silos-towers. Picture:  Naples Ldm © Jeff Matthews

The structure is a micro urban ecosystem with 219 mixed use units, from residentials to offices, gyms, an indoor pool, schools and public places. In Piazza Grande, Aldo Loris Rossi emphasises diversity, shape and form variation that result in beautiful internal complexities.

The residential silos-towers. Picture:  Naples Ldm © Jeff Matthews

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