Architect Robert Konieczny designed his family home as an Ark, perched on steep Polish hills. In  the interview with Dezeen, the architect behind the 2016 World Building of the Year details the concept stages that led to the Ark, adapted to fit the striking location, the need to safety, the wish to maintain the striking hill view unaltered.

The Architect used concrete elements for the structure and facade, while the roof was covered with a TPO membrane that achieved the same concrete look as the rest of the house. 



One of the peculiarities of this structure is the way the single storey house is elevated off the house. The Architect wanted to ensure the house would not hinder the water runoff on the hill while limiting potential damage landslides would cause. Therefore, the Architect decided to perch the house on three supporting walls, hidden behind angled surfaces that mimic the roof shape.

Image Courtesy of Dezeen

Image Courtesy of Dezeen

This elevation also contributed to improved security, as the undercut walls don't allow access to the house with the use of a ladder, for example. The glazed windows that frame spectacular views raised the security problem and this challenge generated a shape-shifting solution; sliding concrete walls that close when the house is empty, as well as a drawbridge that provides access to this angular structure.

The house is an integral part of the green pastures and farm animals that surround it; while the concept of Ark boat was not anticipated of at the onset of the project, it developed seamlessly with its structural and decor characteristics. 

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