Gone are the days where concrete belonged solely to a building site!

Ardoma Design has designed and manufactured a range of lights making use of concrete and steel, giving new life to construction materials. 

The lights are not only easy on the eye, but functionality was regarded highly; for this purpose, the studio, founded by Designer Dror Kaspi, created a special concrete mix to improve performance and texture in comparison to conventional concrete. 

Ova, Helia,Stem, Inscrito, Release and Split are the three lines of lights, with unique shapes and colours, a truly bold statement for your space.

Concrete Lights .PNG
We chose concrete, the liquid stone, as a representative material for this quest. This is a rigid and cold material that, when properly mastered, can magically enhance the environment in which it is placed, blend in and mesmerize with its ability to be gentle.
— Ardoma Design

Ardoma Design was founded in 2015, the studio is committed to pursuing visual harmony by using juxtaposing elements, the gentle and the bold, brigh and dark.

Meet the Ardoma Design team at Messe Frankfurt Ambiente 2018

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