The innovation of the rib and block system with a Fire Rating certificate and thermal insulation.

We specialise in light, eco-friendly precast concrete solutions FOR BEAMS,SLABS AND STAIRS, EASY TO HANDLE AND INSTALL FOR THE CREATION OF A MONOLITHIC STRUCTURE.

We have water tanks in stock, to help you harvest rain water pouring from the sky! Manufactured by Geoplast SpA in recycled plastic, they are available in two shapes, round and square, and for 210 and 310 lt capacity. The tanks come with a handy tap while the stand can be purchased, if needed, as an accessory.


To an outsider, it might seem like our precast offering remains the same, year in and year out.
On the contrary, almost every project stretches the boundary of what precast can do. It then helps us to find solutions in line with the cornerstone of our philosophy: a long lasting,light and integrated structure, easy to install, with resources saving, that favours site upskilling. 
While we thank you for bringing exciting projects to us, we hope you'll enjoy our favourite projects from the last stretch of the year. In the specific, a cantilevered slab with beams over steel posts for a private residence (Clara Anna Fontein, Durbanville) and an alteration to a quaint 50s structure (De Goede Hoop, Scarborough).


Laboratory tests conducted by the Department of Civil Engineering at UCT on behalf of Cobute have shown that beams constructed using the Cobute precast system have a higher bending moment capacity (approximately 10%) and practically the same shear strength capacity, compared to conventionally cast beams. More structural benefits with easy installation. The full report can be downloaded here.

Cobute slabs are manufactured in a wide range of thicknesses, from 150 to 350 mm, in 25 mm increments. Request the Residential and Commercial loading charts to assist you in the slab design and reinforcement selection in your next project.

Cobute takes care of your structure: precast R.C. shutters for beams, columns, decking and stairs


Thanks all for the wonderful enthusiasm and all the bricks you have sent our way!

Due to space constraints, please note that we won't be able to accept ecobricks anymore. Do not despair! Please contact Candice from Waste-Ed on for info on more drop off points! 


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