Tucked in Stonehurst Residence in Constantia, Cape Town, this residential unit was structurally designed by Pr.Engineer Ugo Rivera, who specified Modulo Foundations and the Cobute precast system for slabs and beams. Since the plot is on a slope, with a prevalence of clay, Modulo was the ideal solution for its behaviour on difficult soils. 

Foundations (120m²) were installed by Baloo Construction and cast after the services (plumbing and electricity) had been installed. On these green and thermally insulating foundations, a two-storey residential structure has been designed.

Geoplast foundations installed after installation of services.

Geoplast foundations installed after installation of services.

The garage has been built below the first floor, at ground level. For this latest addition to the project, the client made use of the integrated systems for precast beams and precast slab by Cobute. The use of the systems minimised the use of timber for shuttering purposes, ensuring a quick turnaround on site, with savings in the amount of concrete use for the casting. Moreover, the slab holds a fire certificate.

We are extremely pleased about the finishing of the precast systems by Cobute. We decided to not plaster the slab, and we painted it instead - we are very happy with the final result.
— Client


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