Sher Residence is a residential project the heart of leafy Constantia, Cape Town. This project saw the collaborations of award winning studio Noero Architects and Pr.Engineer Ugo Rivera, one the very first of many Engineers to understand the added value of the Cobute precast shutters. The scope of the project was to add a second floor to the existing structure, with the use of the Cobute precast shutters for slab (400sqm), beams (140 linear m) and roof slab.

Panoramic view of works on site at Sher Residence. Picture by   David Peter Harris

Panoramic view of works on site at Sher Residence. Picture by David Peter Harris

The use of the Cobute shutters reflect an ethos of minimising waste on site, since the permanent formwork  dramatically reduces the  use of timber. This approach to building inspired further innovations on site;in fact, the existing water channels from the old roof were re-used to bolt an angle iron in the wall, to support the roof beams.

The precast decking by Cobute

Cobute manufactures slabs in thicknesses varying from 150 to 350 mm, in increments of 25 mm for intermediate thickness. When designing different slab heights,  the only elements that will change are the height of the lattice rib and the thickness and length of the polystyrene blocks, without increasing the total amount of concrete needed.  For Sher Residence, the slab thickness was designed at H250mm.

Beam-in-slabs, which consists of ribs, were designed for additional point loads for reinforcement on the floor above.


The cobute precast beams

The Cobute precast shutters for beams consist of two L-shaped elements, light and easy to handle without lifting equipment and easy to install. The additional steel, specified in the engineer's bending schedule, is fixed during the manufacturing process to avoid mishaps on site; this contributes to dramatically reduce carpentry costs. Laboratory tests conducted by the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Cape Town (UCT) on behalf of Cobute in 2004 have shown that R.C. beams constructed using the Cobute precast system have a higher bending moment capacity (approximately 10%) and practically the same shear strength capacity, compared to conventionally cast beams. 

The Cobute precast shutters for beams after concrete pour.

The Cobute precast shutters for beams after concrete pour.

We are very proud of having been able to translate a stunning architectonic design into practical solutions on site. Want to use the Cobute design for your next building project?