In this residential project, designed and delivered by Team Architects ,Cobute supplied its precast rib and panel system for the the first floor slab. The structural look responded to the brutal look both the Architects and the client sought to achieve. Even though the Cobute precast decking is not A grade off shutters, it creates an interesting visual effect given by the raw, rough concrete texture. The bare concrete look is warmed by the walls hues, the wide windows with an enchanting view of the Mother City, as well as the interior decor. 

Cobute designs and supplies decking in different heights, from 150 to 300 mm; since the system includes polystyrene blocks as void formers, a thickness increase does not lead to undue increase the concrete amount. This, in turn, contributes to the creation of a light structure with monolithic connections.


Read more about this project on the Team Architect website or get in touch to discuss the use of the Cobute precast structural elements in your next project.