Cobute is supplying its integrated and monolithic beam, slab, and staircase systems for a residential alteration and addition by Gateway Projects, in Green Point, Cape Town. The Appointed Engineer for the project is Alan Hendrie, who has extensive experience in designing Cobute's innovative R.C. precast concrete shutters for residential and commercial projects alike.

The client is adding 65sqm to the existing structure and changing levels for 48sqm - the Cobute slab system has been cast and props will be removed in 10 working days. The precast decking eases the installation of plumbing and electrical services, done before the casting takes place. 

Cobute precast slab

The precast decking eases the installation of services, done before the casting. The Cobute precast stair will replace a spiral staircase, joining the landing created by the decking system.

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