Geotub is Geoplast sustainable solution for round concrete (and not only) columns. Made in ASB, this formwork is reusable at least 100 times, when looked after with care. Being modular, it can be used for repeated column pour; the elements are very light and easy to handle, assemble and dismantle; the handles are made of nylon  and won't go amiss on the site.

Geotub Column formwork. Source:

Geotub Column formwork. Source:

Achieve excellent surface finish without using any release agents. 

These pictures are from a residential project in Table View, Cape Town

The photos below are from KERBS Civils site in Manzini, Swaziland; they opted for this sustainable formwork to build a school. Even though local differences in building and propping are visible, the formwork still guarantees a strong structure with an excellent finish.

Kerbs Civils Construction is proud and excited to have used GEOTUB Reusable round column formwork that was so easy to use , very light and helped us catch up on schedule that we were trailing. It’s plastic but the end product is what counted, pure magic. Never imagined best coffee could be served in a simple light paper cup.” no need for heavy formwork but the need is for heavy strong columns
— KERBS Civils (Customer)

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