This new dwelling in Grotto Bay selected the Cobute precast system for the creation of an integrated and monolithic structure. Pr.Engineer Ugo Rivera designed this structure consisting of 180 sqm of precast slab, 70 linear metres of beams, twelve columns and stairs.

Cobute residential+beam+slab+stair (1).JPG

The integration between the elements allowed to have everything cast in one pour, ensuring monolithic connections that avoid cold joints, leading to cracking.

Integrated structure between stairs, decking and beam-in-slab.

Integrated structure between stairs, decking and beam-in-slab.

The beam-in-slab consists of rib reinforcement to support the construction of a wall on the second floor. Compared to in-situ beams, the Cobute beams ensure easy installation, doing away with the carpentry work on site, with the same if not better performance (as tested by the Department of Structural Engineering at UCT) with dramatic time savings. 

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