Noordhoek is one of Cape Town's coastal gems, with its beautiful, sandy beaches and fynbos ecosystems. From a construction perspective, Noordhoek presents some challenges in the form of sharp slopes.

For this residential project, the client had plans to extend the existing structure. Cobute  assisted with the design and supply of precast beams for the garage, as well as precast beams to the floor slab; in fact, the precast shutters for beam replaced the use of backfill material,with great time and cost savings. 

Cobute precast beams to floor slab

Cobute precast beams to floor slab

The Cobute precast shutters to beams were also used for the construction of the garage. The first floor precast slab will be installed in the next few weeks.

Cobute precast beam to garage


The Cobute precast shutters have been designed to ensure a solid, monolithic structure, offering eco-friendly solutions that that quick time turnarounds on site. Chat to us about your project!