Cobute supplied its precast concrete slab (100 sqm) and beam (30 linear metres) systems for this commercial project in Salt River, Cape Town. The building was converted into a commercial warehouse, with offices on the second floor.

Cobute+precast+slab (4).jpg

Cobute precast slab

The Cobute slab was designed H250mm because of the commercial nature of the building. The Cobute precast slab consists of reinforced concrete ribs with interlocking panels and polystyrene blocks, used as void filler to decrease the undue amount of concrete on site. As a result of the polystyrene use, the thermal and acoustic insulation is increased, ensuring comfort for your structure. The Cobute precast concrete slab is one the lightest on the market, with 97Kg/ sqm (deadload).

Cobute precast beams

The Precast shutters for beams designed by Cobute consists of two L-elements,reasonably light (20-37kg per linear meter), with additional steel fixed during the manufacturing process to avoid mishaps on site and reduce carpentry costs and time on site.

Final project with slab and beams painted grey.

Final project with slab and beams painted grey.

The client loved the finish of the shutters, and opted for a final look with the Cobute R.C.elements painted grey.

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