Founded in 1994 in the Western Cape, Cobute (Concrete Building Technology) brings extensive manufacturing experience in the precast elements for the building industry from the Angelucci's family traditions in Italy.

Brothers and partners Adriano and Attilio Angelucci, co-directors of Cobute.

Brothers and partners Adriano and Attilio Angelucci, co-directors of Cobute.


Cobute started with the production of an innovative rib and block system, the lightest precast decking system available on the market, which does not require any crane assistance to be installed. New products were developed with the assistance of a Civil Engineer in 1996, to offer the easiest installation on site; a patent was registered, under the name Shuttercrete, for permanent precast concrete shutters for beams and staircases. In 2017, a new system was patented for the Panel-deck, designed to allow for crane installation.

Currently, Cobute produces and offers over 30 different products that serve markets not only in the Western Cape but throughout South Africa and the SADEC community. In 2017, TeSik Decking started producing the Cobute precast shutters for the Namibian market.

Innovation is one of of the core principles of Cobute, which is always testing and experimenting new technologies that ensure a solid, healthy and environmentally friendly structure



Cobute will be the market leader in environmentally sustainable building solutions that also offer mutually beneficial human, time and other resource innovations in the Western Cape, South Africa, and SADEC region.


Cobute's mission

Cobute is a commercial enterprise that manufactures and distributes precast concrete products that are durable, easy to use, time and cost saving, provide employment and are environmentally friendly; it also establishes and maintains mutually beneficial relationships with all its stakeholders.

The manufacturing team at Cobute.