Don't you wish all subcontractors worked off the same quoting template? Comparisons would be a walk in the park and confirmations would happen without the shadow of a doubt. 

This is not the case though and when taking up the onerous task of renovations, it feels like treading heavily on new territory.

The team at Cobute has put together this list to flag doubts, when comparing quotes for structural works.

1. Check the square meters  

It's easy to get the square meters wrong; ensure you are aware of your surface needs and ensure those are the same across the different quotes.

2. Transport cost

Transport can end up heavy on your budget, especially if the products are not transport-savvy i.e  stackable - ensure there is a line item for that across all the quotes.

3. To steel or not to steal

For structural renovations. you will need steel. Make sure the service providers know whether you want to buy it from them or not and check for consistency.

4. Concrete

Is the volume of concrete needed to be cast in-situ specified? If not, ask for it - that is part of the same structure.

5. Hidden costs

Carpentry and formwork costs are very often present in renovations. If that line item is not in your quote, enquire about it.


As a general rule, ensure that all quotes have the same items, so that you can compare them on fair ground. Also, take a few days to think about additional questions and doubts you want to clarify before going full steam ahead.

Do you have helpful tips you wish to contribute to the Cobute community? Send us your thoughts!