Gorrie & Findlay Masterbuilders have chosen the Cobute precast shutters for beams and slabs for the construction of the new KFC in Mandalay, Cape Town. The Cobute beams were used over the openings of windows, shop front and delivery gate; the precast slab system was installed over the entrance door,  while beam and slab were integrated for the section over the dry store. 

The KFC is part of a larger commercial development, which consists of a 7,287m² shopping centre in Mandalay (Khayelitsha), with Shoprite as the anchor tenant. 

The completed structure at KFC

The completed structure at KFC

Cobute precast beams

The Cobute precast beams were designed to facilitate installation on site without compromising on structural performance. The R.C. precast concrete shutters consist of two concrete L-shaped elements, reasonably light (20-37kg per linear meter), with additional steel fixed during the manufacturing process to avoid mishaps on site. The formwork then provides the outer shell of the beams; while this contributes to dramatically reduce carpentry costs, it saves time by speeding up the installation procedure and casting.

Lab tests at UCT confirm we're doing good

Laboratory tests conducted by the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Cape Town (UCT) on behalf of Cobute in 2004, have shown that R.C. beams, constructed using the Cobute precast system, have a higher bending moment capacity (approximately 10%) and practically the same shear strength capacity, compared to conventionally cast beams. This means that the Cobute speedy installation is designed for stability.

Minimal shuttering is necessary when installing the Cobute precast shutters for beams.

Minimal shuttering is necessary when installing the Cobute precast shutters for beams.


Modular building with the Cobute precast decking

 The Cobute precast slab is a modular system that consists of three interlocking elements: precast lattice ribs, precast panels and polystyrene blocks. As for the rest of the Cobute precast solutions, only minimal shuttering is required when installing it; this favours a quick turnaround time on site.

Technical specs

Cobute manufactures R.C. precast slabs in thicknesses varying from 150 to 350 mm, in increments of 25 mm for intermediate thickness. When designing different slab heights,  only the height of the lattice rib and the thickness and length of the polystyrene blocks will changewithout increasing the total amount of concrete needed. For this project, a H200mmm slab was designed.

Fire Rating and Thermal Insulation (R Value)

The Cobute decking contributes to an improved energy efficiency of the structure, with its thermal insulation (R Value), with values ranging according to the height of the slab. Moreover, the precast slab holds a Fire Certificate rating of 150 minutes for a 230 mm thick slab.

Take the hassle out of site building with the Cobute precast shutters! Get in touch to discuss your project or should you wish to design the systems.