Toplin House: A sustainable fire escape structure

Park Central Lifestyle offers trendy and modern student residences in Bellville and Parow. The residence are affordable, comfortable, and conveniently located close to some of the popular Universities and Colleges.

For Toplin Two, Park Central Lifestyle requested the Cobute precast concrete shutters for stairs, beams and slab for fire-escape stairs over seven floors. The stairs were a structural addition to the existing building; the Cobute precast elements offered an integrated solution for great structural integrity and quick installation.

Structural integrity & quick installation

As shown in the step-by-step images, the structure of each floor comprised 3 Cobute precast concrete shutters for beams and 4 square columns, cast in-situ using the Geotub Panel reusable shutters for square columns by Geoplast.

The structure was covered by the Cobute precast floor slab over the seventh floor. The pictures below refer to the installation and casting phase, executed in just over a month.

The structural elements of our precast slab and stairs were left un-plastered.

Cobute+Precast slab (1).jpg resized.jpg

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